An Agency of Story-Doers

Our Team

Tom Fumar

Chief Friendship Officer

Tom is FW + Friend’s Chief Friendship Officer. He sees himself as more of an ideas man for the Agency. Always thinking of what to do next, and where to get lunch.

Prior to starting FW + Friends with his long-time hetero-life partner, Dick Weichel, Tom worked at a Kroger.

Dick Weichel

Chief Dreamweaver

Dick Weichel is FW + Friend’s Global Chief Dreamweaver. His “We’ll work out of any Starbucks” policy helped the agency open an office in every major city on Earth.

Prior to starting FW + Friends with Tom, Dick wrote for a blog about horses.


Chief Barketing Officer

Gianna D’Amico

Junior Friend: Art

Our Clients

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A friendternship is the first step in a lifelong friendship with Fumar Weichel. This 12-62 week experience is guaranteed to show you creativity, life skills and the potential for college credit. Applying is simple: complete the application here.